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Bioluminescent organisms and phenomena in the oceans

    Peter J.Herring

Keywords: Behavior, Vision, Physiology, Oceanography, Ecology

My interests lie in all aspects of deep-sea photoecology. The emphasis is on the physiology, biochemistry and morphology of bioluminescent tissues and organs in all groups of animals (with particular focus on fish, cephalopods and crustaceans). My research also includes collaborative work on the visual adaptations of deep-sea shrimp (including species at hydrothermal vents) and on the oceanographic context of the distribution of marine animals.  

Some specific topics of current interest are:

  1. The luminous responses of gelatinous species, especially medusae such as Periphylla and Atolla.

  2. Large-scale bioluminescent phenomena (e.g. red tides, milky seas, phosphorescent wheels).

  3. The orbital photophores of stomiiform fishes (red- and blue-emitting).

  4. The structure of the photophores in cranchiid squid.

  5. The bioluminescent systems of anglerfishes.

A recent research cruise in the Gulf of Oman highlighted the effects of a Red Tide of the dinoflagellate Noctiluca on the light environment in the area. An short account appeared in the January 1998 issue of The Marine Observer.

Submitted: 2-Mar-98

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