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Marine Luminescent Plankton: a list of the species

    J. Poupin, A.-S. Cussatlegras & P. Geistdoerfer

Keywords: Ecology, Bioluminescence, Plankton, Luminescence, Systematic

The Laboratoire d'Océanographie de l'Ecole Navale (LOEN), Brest, France has developed a bathyphotometer as an additional probe to a Seabird® CTD. It is used to measure plankton bioluminescence off the western coast of Brittany.

A model to predict natural plankton bioluminescence in the area is also in development. To better understand the biological basis of this phenomena a documented checklist of luminescent plankton species has been prepared at the laboratory: Poupin, Cussatlegras & Geistdoerfer, 1999. Plancton Marin Bioluminescent, LOEN report septembre 1999, 64 pp.

Electronic pages have been elaborated in parallel with this LOEN report, as a mean to regularly update it. Links to related sites illustrate some of these plankton species.

Submitted: 30-Sep-99

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